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have any of you heard neon indian’s remix of cheerleader by grizzly bear? if you havent, you should check it out asap!!!

i kinda really wanna go on a date??


Sleek #42 Summer 2014



In honor of reaching a pretty cool number of followers, I’m doing a lil’ art giveaway! It’s gonna work like this:
You gotta be following me, cause this is a gift to the people who are sweet enough to wanna see me on their dash every day <3
I’m going to be giving away a pack of hand drawn stickers to one person for every 100 that reblog this post! No limits! I will make a TON of stickers if I have to. Each one will have 5-10 or so stickers and they’ll be a few inches big each! I’ll package em’ all nice and everything. 
To oneeee person I will be giving away a big envelope full of lots of handmade stuff including but NOT limited to: two felt pins somewhat like these, lots of stickers (probably about 20 or 30), a mix CD with a hand drawn cover, a few lil collages, a few 5 x 7 drawings, and one 8 x 10 painting. I’ll probably throw in a lot of other cute stuff, too! 
I’m gonna be choosing the winners with a random number generator, so it’ll be totally fair for everyone! (I’ll pick the main winner first and then pick sticker winners from the remaining people, just to be clear!)
I’ll ship these anywhere! Yay!!!! (even the stickers!)
Only reblogs count, but you can reblog as much as you wanna.
For an idea of what this stuff might look like, check out my art tag!
Oh, and I’ll be picking winners on July 28th when I get back from the beach! So you have plenty of time to reblog n stuff. Good luck <3 And thank you all for being such kind and lovely followers!!!!

HEY EVERYONE it’s nearing the last week to reblog this! So go for it, if you want some goodies! :) 


Not tryna start shit but I’m really beautiful and funny and great to be around

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